„It’s an unforgettable experience!”

„It’s an unforgettable experience!”
„We really could see all sights on this tour!””
„The best part was the splash on water! Phenomenal…!”

You can not miss out on this special experience, if you ever come to Budapest! This flaming yellow bus looks like a little bit weird sightseeing bus on the roads, and when you see it splashing on water, first you get a heart attack than you quickly start looking for your mobile to call the police, ambulance or fire service… And you still can not believe your eyes, because instead of sinking the bus just floats forward easily. First you might think this can not be possible, but than you realise, what you see is an amphibious wonderbus! Till now we only knew about river cruises, where you could travel only on the water, and about city sightseeing tours, where tourists could explore the town on the roads of Budapest, but no one has ever seen a bus on water before. Those who have been to London might have tried the Duck Tours amphibious bus on the river Thames, but we had to wait until 2009, when RiverRide, Hungary’s first amphibious bus was born, to be able to try this special service in Budapest too. Since then carries River Ride tourists on the streets of Budapest and splashes on water during the tour not to miss the beautiful view and the main attractions on the bank of the river Danube.

The amphibious bus introduces amongst other the Academy of Sciences, the Citadel and a lot of other must see attractions of the capital with the help of a travel guide. We can have a spectacular view on the Parliamen and the more than 150 years old towers of St. Steven’s Basilika through the huge panorama windows of the bus. Accourding to the route the bus goes by the largest Synagoge of Europe, just before getting to the Opera Hause, designed by Miklós Ybl. After this comes Heroes’ Square and than the bus drives to the quay and with a big splash takes possession of the water of the river Danube. A lot of people are waiting and following with attention the splash of the floating bus, and are watching with excitement weather the captain can manage to drive this great vehichle to the river bank while fighting against the stream of the Danube.

But no one needs to worry about the safety of the passangers. This special vehichle, suitable for both land and water, is absolutely safe on land and on water as well. The 9 emergency exits, anchor, life jackets under the seats and the qualified personnel together result a fully responsible and unique luxury vehicle. The two hour tour provides exciting, extensive and real experience for both children and adults. You do not even have to change your comfortable seat and you can enjoy a real adventure trip on land and water at the same time!

Would you like to play it safe and book a seat in advance? Are you travelling with a small group and you already have the date for your Budapest sightseeing? Do not wait any longer, get your tickets booked on riverride.com, where you can arrange your payment in many different ways. You can also find an accurate schedule attractions map on the RiverRide homepage, just to make your planning easier. You can even rent RiverRide for private tours, or as a spot for conferences, events, team building trainings, family celebrations, parties and cultural events. The team of River Ride even helps you arranging the programs.

You can also get a RiverRide voucher in case you would like to make a surprise for your friends or your partner. Explore the most beautiful attractions of our capital on four wheels on land and rocking on the waves of the Danube with the only bus in Budapest, which under obligation has to display its flag of convenience, just like water vehicles!